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3 Nov 2016

MBIE Leave and Holidays Guide

The MBIE updated their guide to Leave and Holidays. Click here[] access it.

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30 Sep 2015

MYOB boosts investment in NZ market with the acquisition of IMS Payroll.

First of all, you'll be happy to know it's business as usual for the IMS payroll solution you know and love. You'll continue to receive the same high standard of customer service from the same great team in Hastings and receive updates as you have in the past. For more details, please click Read More and then click on the link to read the media release attached. MYOB-boosts-investment-in-NZ-payroll.pdf[assets/Uploads/MYOB-boosts-investment-in-NZ-payroll.pdf]

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10 Sep 2015

Liable Parent (NCP) - Child Support Deduction Arrears Notice

Liable (Non-Custodial) Parent Child Support Deduction Arrears (NCP) notices instruct an employer to deduct a nominated percentage, or fixed amount from an employee's Net Earnings. These deductions are then to be forwarded to Inland Revenue via the nominated Bank account (with "NCP" a component of the Particulars reference) or via a Payment slip *as they are NOT to be paid or reported to the Inland Revenue as per the normal channels (IR345 or IR348)*. UCP...

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29 Apr 2015

Changes to child support calculations

Please ensure that you file your Employer Monthly Schedule (EMS / IR348) and your Employer Deductions (EDF / IR345) for November and December 2014 on time. From the 1st April 2015 Inland Revenue will be taking into account both parents' incomes when calculating Child Support. As IR can now use a calendar year instead of a tax year to calculate child support it is imperative that employees' income information is filed on time. Late filing may...

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30 Nov 2014

Extra pay in a tax year, 53 weeks or 27 fortnights paid

An article appeared in the recent IRD Business Tax Update (Issue 63 June 2015) regarding PAYE and/or student loan repayment shortfalls when a tax year includes 53 paid weeks or 27 paid fortnights. To read the IRD article click read more and then click the hyperlink. Click here.

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