Frequently Asked Questions

IMS Online - Timesheets - Multi approvals

If employees work across more than one Work Area, it is possible to allow all relevant Managers to approve the timesheet.
On the Timesheet Summary, the timesheet will display as a solid block of green if fully approved, and if partially approved, it shows as a green stripe.
This functionality will work automatically if you are already capturing Work Areas on your timesheet. Some configuration will be required if you're not capturing them already, however this is minimal.
No. The entry is initiated by either the employee when filling in their timesheet, or by that employee’s Manager. Only then will the other Manager have access to the timesheet in order to approve the time.
Yes. We can modify the Business Rules to ensure employees only see Work Areas that you want them to be able to see. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
It is only available in IMS Online Max, since this is the only product that has timesheet functionality.
There is a document available on the Documentation page which has further information, including screenshots