Frequently Asked Questions

IMS Online - Public Holidays

In IMS Online Express, it is simply based on whether or not the non-casual employee is rostered on the public holiday or not. IMS Online Max may be customised to use a four-week averaging rule as well to determine whether today is a "normal" day of work or not.
IMS Online Express simply pays on the number of rostered hours for the day if the Alternative Holiday unit type is hours; if in days, the employee receives one day Statutory Holiday. This may be enhanced in Max to deal with increased complexities if required.
IMS Online recognises that the day is a public holiday based on the Holiday Group the employee is linked to in IMS Payroll, and although the reason code will display as Annual Leave (or whichever leave type they have applied for), the day will actually pay as a Statutory Holiday. A yellow warning will display alerting the user that leave will not be deducted on this day.
Yes. IMS Online Max handles worked time, and will automatically accrue an Alternative Holiday should the employee work on a "normal" day. Note that IMS Online Express does not handle worked hours so this functionality is not available in these products.