Frequently Asked Questions

IMS Online - Leave

Yes. You may have as many different leave types as you like in IMS Online Max, however only standard leave types are available in IMS Online Express.
The employee may withdraw the leave, and then create a new Leave Request for the new dates. Alternatively, a Manager or Administrator may decline the leave and create a new Leave Request for the new dates.
Since casual employees do not typically have a standard pattern of work, they do not have a roster. Therefore leave payments cannot be created for them. Either revise the employee status setting in IMS Payroll if they are not a true casual, or upgrade to IMS Max for customisation in business rules for casual employees.
No, IMS Online will automatically create a salary reversal transaction for the leave payment, saving you time doing manual data entry in IMS Payroll.
It is possible to reduce and pay leave units in different types in IMS Online Max, however this is not available in IMS Online Express.
It is possible to pay daily leave units in IMS Online Max in any daily unit type you wish, however in IMS Online Express, daily leave is paid as a full day or half day.
No, this is not possible. Ideally, the Manager should be assigned to a different pay point to the one for which s/he is Manager so that his or her leave requests may be approved as normal.
Yes. All leave requests - whether they have not yet been submitted, submitted but not yet approved, and approved - will be included in the import file for the pay period range.
In standard IMS Online, the following formula is applied when working out partial days (note that this only applies to leave types that are paid in daily units).
The number of partial leave hours are divided by the number of rostered hours for the day. Leave will be paid as either a half day, or a full day. If the result is between 0.01 and 0.50, then a half day will be applied, if the result is greater than 0.50, then a full day will be applied. This formulae may be modifed for IMS Online Max customers.
Yes. You decide whether negative leave balances are allowed in IMS Online Max (as well as how far in advance). Negative leave balances may be a customisation in IMS Online Express.
Yes. IMS Online uses the unit type stored against each leave type in IMS Payroll to determine the unit type. This means that even if some employees are paid in days and others in hours for the same leave type, this is all catered for.
IMS Online determines the unit type based on other leave types. For example, Statutory Holiday will be paid in hours or days depending on the Alternative Holiday balance type, and Bereavement Leave is based on the Sick Leave balance type.
Leave escalations are handled in IMS Online Max, however they are not available in IMS Online Express.
It is possible to show different balances to different groups of employees in IMS Online Max, however this is not available in IMS Online Express.
A Leave without Pay transaction needs to exist in IMS Payroll. It then needs to be assigned to the Leave without Pay code in the Configuration area of IMS Online.
Projected leave balance functionality is available in IMS Online Max. In IMS Online Express, the leave balance displayed reflects the leave balance as at the last closed pay period in IMS Payroll (assuming an IMS Online Update has been completed).
Leave without Pay is not a standard leave type in IMS Payroll. For this reason, IMS Online can only show Leave without Pay if the description is exactly “Leave without Pay”. It will show as “Other Leave” if the name is labelled as anything else.
The leave history screen uses the leave dates as entered into IMS Payroll. If the leave dates weren't entered with the correct dates at the time of data entry, by default, the pay period end date is used. As future leave transactions get generated by IMS Online via leave requests, this will be correct once IMS Online is used (however historical transactions cannot be changed in IMS Payroll).