Frequently Asked Questions

Direct Credits

• If the pay period is still open and the file has not been transferred to the bank yet you can alter the employee’s timesheet and progress through the pay period again (ie check, calculate, reprint reports etc.). Create another bank file (if you do not change the file name, the new file will replace the previous incorrect file) and transmit this file to the bank.
• If the pay period is closed and the file has not been transferred to the bank yet you can restore your backup taken just prior to closing the period. This will restore you to an open period state for the pay run, allowing you to go back and alter the timesheet (see above).
• If the file has already been transmitted to the bank then an adjustment will need to be made in a future pay period.
• On the ‘Company’ tab ensure the ‘Schedule Method’ is set to ‘Electronic’ and you have correctly specified the electronic banking format required for your bank. Depending on the format selected you may also be required to enter a ‘Batch/Subscriber No’ which will be provided by your bank.
• Check each employee’s ‘Payment’ screen to ensure the ‘Payment Method’ is set to ‘Bank’ and a valid bank account number has been entered.
• When you process each pay period you will be required to create a bank file. The ‘Banking Due Date’ will be the day before the funds are required to be in the employee’s bank accounts, (check with your bank to see when the funds are available to your employees). The ‘Banking File Name’ will show the location (path) and name of the file being created and can be changed by clicking on the ‘Options’ button.
• Once the file has been created it needs to be presented to your bank (eg via diskette or by using banking software).