Timesheets and Rostering

IMS Online Max is our timesheet product that combines all the features of IMS Online Express (our employee self-service product) with extra functionality plus the ability for staff to submit online timesheets to their managers for approval.

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A demonstration video of online timesheets being submitted by employees.


Timesheet layout can be customised for your business and for different employee groups. You can enter timesheets by entering start and finish times.

As the timesheet gets filled in by the employee or manager, it automatically calculates payments based on the business rules that are customised to exact contract/award conditions. For example the timesheets can handle allowances, weekend & night penalties, public holiday worked payments, etc.

As you complete the timesheet coloured warnings display ensuring the timesheet is completed correctly. This reduces errors, paperwork and administration time. Timesheets can be approved by a manager or by multiple approvals. The Timesheets are stored electronically with their digital signatures providing a robust audit trail.

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A demonstration video of online timesheets being approved by manager.


Create roster templates using your roster cycle e.g. one, two or three week. Have the ability to assign employees to rosters and switch them to a new roster from a specific date.

Managers have access to the weekly rosters which will show the standard hours and leave applied for. Administration access will allow the approved user with access to the weekly roster for the entire organisation.

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