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IMS Payroll is easy to use, affordable yet powerful. It suits any business size and lets your business grow.

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Payroll software that allows businesses to grow

IMS have been developing and supporting payroll solutions for New Zealand Businesses for over 30 years and they currently supply payroll software to over 10,000 businesses who have between 1 to 5,000+ employees.

We have a dedicated customer support team, assuring our customers have the support and assistance they need.

Regular updates to our software incorporate legislative changes as well as product enhancements, many of which are suggested by our clients.

Increase efficiency with our range of add-on products such as Employee self-service, Time & Attendance and Human resource solutions to name just a few. Whatever your requirements we have the experience to help you.

Whilst being easy to use, IMS Payroll is also a functionally superior product. It is highly configurable, turn on and off options depending on what your business needs. The product can be deployed on a desktop or server or IMS can host it for you – see IMS Cloud. The licence fee covers multiple companies processed from the same location.

Payroll features to save you time and money...

  1. Automatic tracking of leave - including Annual, Sick & Alternative, Shift Leave, Parental Leave and Service Leave.
  2. Online IRD filing - IMS Payroll produces the electronic files that can be filed online.
  3. Electronic Direct Crediting to major New Zealand banks and the ability to email or print payslips.
  4. Comprehensive and flexible reporting which can be printed to pdf or exported to Microsoft Excel.
  5. Integrates into over 60 accounting packages and with many time & attendance devices, reducing data input and errors
  6. Auditing - tracks changes to the system, who made the change, when it was made and before/after details.
  7. Ability to cost employees to an unlimited numbered of cost centres
  8. Management of employee KiwiSaver contributions
  9. Pay history recorded for all employees
  10. HR info, such as qualifications, pay review dates, can be recorded and reported on, alerts can be set for items against each employee
  11. Standard pays can be set to reduce data entry each pay period
  12. Security - different access levels can be set for each user
Company Controls

Company Control lets you setup payments, deductions, costing codes, pay points and company details.

Employee Information

Employee Information includes standard personnel details, payments, leave, notes, permanent transactions, totals and history.

Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing contains nine easy steps from opening a new pay period through to closing it.

Reports Include:

Costing Summary, Annual Leave Valuation, Pay Slips, Department of Statistics, Company Payroll Summary, Employment Service, Leave Reporting, Deduction Schedules, IRD Reports (IR345/IR346/IR348), Trial Balance, Employee Payroll Summary, Costing Employee Detail, Termination Pay Report.

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