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Bringing all the benefits of IMS payroll together with the convenience of the Cloud.

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IMS Payroll has been New Zealand’s most trusted and reliable payroll provider for over 20 years used by over 10,000 satisfied customers.

We can now offer IMS Payroll in the Cloud. There are other cloud-based solutions but none compare with IMS Payroll's which has all the features of our PC solution, but with the added benefit of being able to process payrolls anywhere, anytime.

There are no hidden costs - you get a fully comprehensive payroll solution!

Why use IMS Cloud Payroll...

    • It's exactly the same as our simple and easy to use PC version but in the Cloud.
    • You can now access IMS Payroll from anywhere, anytime at an affordable cost.
    • Suitable for all small, medium and large businesses.
    • Developed on a secure encrypted hosted platform.
    • IMS Cloud is reliable, just like our trusted PC version.
    • Functionality - access to both online and PC products - one license for both.
    • One IMS Cloud license can cover multiple companies.
    • Integrates with other business and accounting applications. 
    • Fantastic customer support.

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