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A fully integrated HR system designed to manage all personnel-related information and activities.

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Basic HR functionality within IMS Payroll

IMS Payroll allows you to record basic HR details within the payroll software, for example:

Emergency contacts, 90 day review dates, completed training courses, annual review date, pay reviews, qualifications, first aid certificates or define your own category that suits your needs.

Next to each of these items you can record dates to follow-up or record if the item is completed. You can then run reports on any of these items, for example a report that shows pay reviews due next month.

While the above functionality is sufficient for many businesses, some require a fully functional HR Information System, that’s why we developed an integration to People Inc’s HRIS software.

Fully functional HR software solution
Fully functional HR software solution

People Inc. is designed to enable users to record and manage personnel records, to communicate with employees and management, and to improve efficiency of the HR functions. People Inc. has assisted over 5000 Organisations in managing their employee related information with simplicity, accuracy and flexibility. We are pleased to be able to offer integration into this amazing HR solution now supported locally in New Zealand.

People Inc. enables users to manage a wide range of personnel information, manage training and recruitment, and generate reports and letters. All aspects of the system can be modified; functionality can be added to the system quickly and easily by the user. This ensures that the system will adapt as the HR function and legislation changes.

With People Inc. your employees records and documents are held securely in one centralised system. The system allows employees, supervisors and management to be involved in HR activities and adhere to key human resource legislation.

System Features

The People Inc. system provides a wealth of functionality that will provide immense benefits to employees, managers and HR. Over 60 standard reports and over 35 letter templates (viewed, printed, PDF or Excel formats)

Other features include:

  • Creation of reports (including graphs)
  • Screen-design and report-design tools (enabling users to tailor system)
  • Utilities to import and export data (to MS Excel and other formats)
  • User-level security
  • Wizard–driven processes (for key activities)
  • Centralised Action List with priorities and deadlines
  • Integrated with IMS Payroll

The system can evolve as your organisation's needs change. Using the screen designer, users can adapt the content and layout of the system screens to more closely meet their needs. Screens to manage additional information can be added to the system (without the need for an IT expert!).

User Training and Help desk

  • A range of user-training courses are provided as part of the implementation and ongoing support for the system. Training can be delivered on-site at your location or in our training centre.
  • A support team is available to address your queries and issues between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays).

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