Employee Self Service

IMS Online Express is our Employee Self Service module that integrates directly into IMS Payroll.

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IMS Online Express allows employees to submit leave requests online (via an internet enabled device, including smartphones) and for managers to approve leave requests online.

Employees can also view payslips and change personal details and managers have access to KPI reporting.

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A demonstration video of an employee submitting an online leave request.


Allow employees to apply for leave online. E-mailed manager notifications allow quick and easy approvals. Warnings are produced if leave balances are exceeded and business rules ensure that employees only receive leave they are entitled to. The system can be configured to automatically pay LWOP if there is insufficient leave balance available.

Approved leave is submitted directly into IMS payroll, eliminating data entry and errors and minimising paper and manual filing. The email process ensures that there is an audit trail from the leave request right through to payment for leave.

Employees can also view their leave history at any time.

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A demonstration video of an online leave request approval and a quick look at some of the KPI reports available for managers.


Managers are provided with the tools they need to manage their team’s leave and manage costs. See at a glance who has excessive leave, as well as intuitive reporting on other leave balances. It’s easy to consider leave request approvals with a team work and leave schedule.

Easy to understand graphical reports show leave patterns across employee groups and the company as a whole. See at a glance which leave types are commonly used on which days of the week, giving managers the tools they require to manage absenteeism.

They can also view KPI reports such as head count & turnover.

Payroll Details
  • Employees may view their personal details online and simply notify the Payroll administrator of changes to their details with a click of a button (for example, new address or bank account). The employee no longer needs to ask the payroll administrator for forms, which makes them feel empowered.
Payslips & other Documents
  • Employees have access to their payslips online, as well as other documents such as company policies, certificate of earnings, contracts, newsletters and other company correspondence. Save time and money by putting them online.
A few clicks and it’s set-up
  • You can access IMS Online Express from within IMS Payroll, you’ll be up and running within 15 minutes.
Easy & simple
  • Whether employees are applying for leave, viewing payslips, notifying any change in details, IMS Online Express is an effective and simple tool. All employees need is an internet connection, they can log in from home or work and on any internet device, including smartphones.

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