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As your business grows, so does IMS Payroll. Discover extra functionality with optional add-ons.

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Time Import Module

Enables the import of payroll transactions from external data capture systems e.g Timeclock Systems, Job Costing, Online Timesheets or MS Excel Timesheets.

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Timesheet Entry Module

The IMS Timesheet entry module is designed for managers, who are on site or in remote locations to; enter timesheets for their employees only, run summary reports pertaining to timesheets entered for a particular pay period and create a file for importing into an IMS Payroll Partner payroll via a specific import format of the IMS time import utility.

It is designed to capture employee hours, leave and allowance payment timesheet information that is destined for the IMS Payroll Partner system. The types of employees which can be processed within the module are waged and/or salaried employees with pay frequencies of “weekly” or “fortnightly” only.

The module also permits the entry of timesheets for multiple pay periods concurrently – this means that timesheets can be entered and reported on daily, even while the current payroll is being processed.

This functionality can also be utilised to process multiple payrolls in advance, e.g. in early December time sheets can be entered for the 4 weekly pays from mid-December to mid-January.

* Requires Time Import Module

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Employee Transfer Utility

The utility enables you to move records belonging to an employee from one payroll company database to another. This can save a huge amount of time if you move employees between salary / waged companies or need to restructure payroll.

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Backpay Module

This module will apply a percentage increase on a particular payment from a specific effective date for a group of employees and calculate a “back pay” value for each employee. These transactions can then be imported into the payroll. This module can be customised to your particular requirements if required.

* Requires Time Import Module

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Gear Issue Module

The IMS Payroll Partner Gear Issue Module (GIM) is a system for automating the issuing of gear to employees, dealing with replacements and items not returned. It will integrate with IMS Payroll Partner in so far as when required, or when employees terminate their employment, any outstanding items will be charged and an associated deduction created in the employee's pay.

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Multi Company Management Module

This module has been designed to be used by any organisation processing multiple payroll companies. It provides a management dashboard to collectively view all payrolls being processed showing which payroll version is being run and what processing stage each payroll is currently under. It also provides the facility to combine all payroll information into one file for electronic filing to the IRD. You can also backup all companies in a single process.

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Quickbooks Interface Utility

The IMS Quickbooks – Job Costing Interface Utility has been designed to; import Quickbooks Customer Jobs into IMS Payroll Cost Code database and, optionally, export Job Costing charges from IMS Payroll into Quickbooks.

This module is also required if you are needing to post payroll cost by Quickbooks CLASS or are processing GST contractors.

* Quickbooks 2002 Pro or Quickbooks 2003 or later, must be installed.

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Costing Code Update Utility

This utility will enable costing codes to be allocated new codes, or nominated costing codes to be merged, throughout the payroll company selected.  There is also the facility to optionally update costing codes as held in the Timesheet History data set (Sundry Reports - TimeSheet History).

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