IMS Payroll

Below are the pricing options for the IMS desktop payroll option, effective 1st October 2018.
For cloud payroll pricing, please contact our sales team.

Number of Current Employees

License Fee (initial one-off cost)*

Ongoing Annual Product Support Fee

Up to 10 Employees $340 $360
Up to 20 Employees $560 $420
Up to 30 Employees $740 $500
Up to 50 Employees $1,220 $660
Up to 100 Employees $2,210 $1,070
Up to 200 Employees $3,680 $1,710
Up to 300 Employees $5,460 $2,372
Up to 500 Employees $7,350 $2,981
Up to 1000 Employees $12,200 $3,527
Up to 3000 Employees $18,300 $4,304
3000+ Employees $23,100 $4,519

* All prices exclude GST

Pricing Notes

  • A time import module which allows you to import time from time attendance devices or CSV files is available as an optional extra for $250 with an on-going cost of $75 per annum. 
  • All prices shown are for a multi-company licence.
  • IMS Payroll can be networked at no extra cost.
  • The annual Product Support Fee fee covers telephone/fax/e-mail support  (Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm, excluding statutory holidays), all upgrades and on-going development of IMS Payroll. User feedback and suggestions for enhancements/changes to the product are welcomed and carefully considered for future releases. If the changes are not included in the release, your needs can be discussed with our development team and customisation considered.  The Product Support Fee is compulsory.



Updates will be delivered by a downloadable link.  CDs are available on request.

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