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Say goodbye to paper timesheets and time consuming manual processes!

Manual employee timesheets are often used as they are perceived to be the easiest and cheapest option. But when you take into account the variations that are common on staff timesheets, the time it takes your admin department to collect timesheets, calculate hours, apply any allowances such as meals or overtime and have them approved by the appropriate manager – it can end up costing far more than you might realise. iDt can help you save 5% of your payroll costs per year.

We cater to all organisation sizes, from SMEs to Large Enterprise, we have a solution for you, within your budget.

Support is at the very core of iDt's operation - we have a large team of experienced support technicians who deliver onsite and remote support. We value long term partnerships with our customers and have done so since our beginnings in 1997.

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